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Following more than 20 years of continuous operation, our fleet has grown to nearly 110 trucks and 120 trailers. We complete more than 15.5 million kilometres in Europe every year. The main specifications of our vehicles and our main destinations can be found below, if you are interested in the photos as well, please click here.

Normal connection level – 1100 mm

Thermo trailer – 70 units

Size (m): 13,4 x 2,5 x 2,70
Loadable Weight (t): 22,5
Number of Pallets (unit): 33
Doppelstock Pallet Number (unit): 66
Cooling range: -25 Cels – +25 Cels
Aggregator: Thermo King
Pellet Holder:
Start – Stop Cooling:
Continuous Cooling:
Safety lock (SBS):

Product types:

Pharmaceutical Products, Fruit and Vegetables, Deep-frozen Foods,
Special Electronic Products (e.g. Li-ion Batteries), Flowers

Box trailer – 45 units

Size (m): 13,6 x 2,5 x 2,75
Loadable Weight (t): 24
Number of Pallets (unit): 33
Doppelstock Pallet Number (unit): 66
Safety Lock (SBS):

Product Types:

Freight Collect, Quick Post Parcel Delivery, Plant Protection Products,

Certificates: FRC, ADR, EN 12642 CODE XL, ISO-9001

Low connection level – 950 mm

MEGA TAUTLINER with “Tyre Transport Certificate” – 35 units

Size (m): 13,6 x 2,48 x 3,00
Loaded Weight (t): 24
Number of Pallets (unit): 33

Product Types:

Products of the Automotive Industry, Electronics, Freight Collect,

Certificates: Daimler 9.5, EN 12642 Code XL, VDI 2700 Bl. 12, Tire Transport Certificate, ADR

Schedule relations (Linehaul)

Fulda Barcelona
Fulda Strasbourg
Fulda Salzburg
Fulda Graz
Fulda Bécs
Nürnberg Pozsony
Nürnberg Budapest
Rastatt Bécs
Frankfurt Budapest
Bréma Komárom
Reutlingen Hatvan
Reutlingen Maklár
Budapest Nürnberg
Budapest Bécs
Budapest Eindhoven
Budapest Párizs
Komárom Düsseldorf
Hatvan Reutlingen
Bécs Budapest
Bécs Rastatt
Barcelona Milánó
Strasbourg Linz